Our Vision

Our vision extends 365 days a year, where this central space will become a rich wellspring from which the humanities can flow creatively into the lives of a wide variety of people.

“The Gregory J. Grappone Humanities Institute will be the home where a lively exchange of ideas can happen and where our students, our curriculum, and local communities can come together and understand the importance of the enduring ideas of the Humanities.”
Dr. Joseph A. Favazza, President, Saint Anselm College

A vision for every day of the year

Our vision extends to the other 364 days of the year when this new home for the humanities will:

  1. Provide a central space to host on campus classes, forums, readings, exhibits, small concerts, and the weekly formal and impromptu conversations that steadily invigorate the humanities on campus and expand their reach into the wider community.
  2. Extend hospitality to people in the surrounding communities, and to Saint Anselm alumni and stakeholders, who wish to join with the Institute in elevating and enlivening the humanities in creative ways in New Hampshire and beyond.
  3. Cement the identity of the humanities on the Saint Anselm campus and thereby generate interest and enthusiasm from prospective and current students.
  4. Transform a central and under-utilized part of the campus into a beautiful exterior space that will invite personal reflection, extemporaneous conversations, and communal gatherings that will animate the College’s humanities-centered mission.
  5. Become a rich wellspring in southern New Hampshire from which the humanities can flow creatively into the lives of a wide variety of people; and, in turn, ensure that the rich diversity of thought that comprises our curriculum, campus, and surrounding communities has a home where it can be expressed in lively, respectful, and informed conversations that help enliven the meaning and purpose of our lives.