About the Gregory J. Grappone ’04 Humanities Institute

In the spirit of Gregory Grappone ’04, the Humanities Institute at Saint Anselm College reaches across our campus and surrounding communities to engage people of all backgrounds with questions and ideas that arise from our common and uncommon experiences. We do so in the determined hope that, like Greg, we can know the enduring consolations and wisdom that spring from the rich variety of arts and humanities in our world, and better understand the meaning and purpose of our lives.

“With the Humanities Institute, we honor Greg's lifelong quest for learning and for meaningful human connection.”
Robert and Beverly Grappone

Over 150 programs or events in its first three years

In its first three years, the Humanities Institute has sponsored or co-sponsored over 150 separate programs or events comprised of approximately 4,500 participants, including:

  • Weekly "Come Friday" forums: a weekly gathering of people across campus who are willing to open their lunch bags and their minds to a question about our humanity.
  • An annual BIG THOUGHT series that has so far included programming on Women's Suffrage at 100 Years, The Culture of the Grateful Dead, Voting in America, Reimagining Justice, and the Merrimack River Running Through Our Lives.
  • Symposia, lectures, and readings on a variety of topics.
  • A virtual alumni book club with over 250 participants.
  • Outreach to the community like the lecture series that brings Saint Anselm professors to teach at the Riverwoods Retirement Community several times a year.
  • A humanities minor featuring team-taught, interdisciplinary courses with faculty from twelve departments.
  • A new podcast, Humanity Examined, where guests speak about how the humanities amplify their lives.